“Symbiosis excels at developing strong relationships both with the Technology Transfer Officers and with the academic inventors”
Dr Eryl Francis, Commercial Development Manager, Cardiff University

Our Firm

Symbiosis is committed to providing the highest quality service possible and to ensure this happens we employ attorneys with higher degrees and post-doctoral research experience across a broad range of technical disciplines in the bioscience sector. We believe this post-doctoral research experience enables us to fully understand the technology behind your ideas and maximise the protection we can acquire for you. We also undertake continuing professional development to keep up to date on issues that affect our clients.

Symbiosis understands that protection for IP can be expensive and so we have streamlined our business to maximise efficiency and the associated cost savings are passed onto our clients via our highly competitive charging rates. To help you plan ahead we can provide cost estimates for any stage of the patenting process with reasonable levels of reliability.

But, Symbiosis is about more than providing the best service at the best rate, we take care to ensure everyone in our firm is enjoyably engaged in their work.