Alison Roberts MSc CPA EPA

Alison has been practising as a UK Chartered Patent Attorney (CPA) since 1991 and as a European Patent Attorney (EPA) since 1992. She has specialised in the fields of organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry and agrochemistry where she has gained considerable experience in protecting new chemical entities, processes for their production and their subsequent use.

Alison graduated with a BSc Honours degree in chemistry from the University of Durham. Following this, she took up a position as an MSc student in the laboratories of Reckitt & Colman plc and was subsequently awarded an MSc in medicinal chemistry by the University of Hull for work relating to the use of α2 adrenoreceptor antagonist compounds as antidepressants.

During her career as a patent attorney, she has worked both in private practice and in the patent department of two large industrial organisations. She therefore has a good understanding of the needs of small to medium sized businesses as well as those of large corporate clients and can adapt her experience to suit the advice she gives. Over the two decades she has practised she has acquired extensive experience in patent drafting and prosecution, and also providing opinions on issues relating to patentability, infringement and freedom to operate. More recently, she has assisted clients with sales and acquisitions and the associated due diligence that it necessarily involves including dealing with potential investors. At the European Patent Office, she has represented her clients during oppositions. Alison works with Symbiosis as a consultant.